Story Keepers / Company Man 

DEMO Project

Dustsceawung Exhibition   

Springfield, Illinois

May 6 - June 4, 2016 

"Somehow we remained in the aftermath
like scattered husks found after a hard harvest..."

Neighborhood Threat

Short Film, Horror

Director / Screenwriter

Format: Digital, Color

​Runtime: 15 minutes

​© 2010


The J.J. Outre Review

Volume 1, Issue 2

"Every part of Franky ached. Bones. Muscles. Heart. She rocked on her ma’s porch, staring out at the woods where she’d spent her childhood exploring, knees skinned and dirty as a grub."

Other Work


Sara Krueger


Somehow We Remain

in the Aftermath

Finishing Line Press (Chapbook)

Summer 2016

"We are the Story Tellers...with digital banjo pickings and firelight 
tumbling from our barrel chests..."

Mabel / Inside We Are TVs

Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal

Spring 2015 Issue
"Her belly is forked purple ––
looks like a tiger..."

Sun Lamps

Driftwood Press

Volume 2, Issue 2

"Little chicken crisping.

He goos and gaas in his box..."


Jersey Devil Press

Issue 64

"She’d got no teeth left in her head,
Gummy didn’t..."


Devilfish Review

Issue 12

"...the bulbous silver heads of the cleaners
snapped back to the sky..."

Mama Said / Becoming Robot /​Metal Moonrise

Menacing Hedge

Fall 2014

"Mama said my birth was all 

regret...bodies let you down..."