Sara Krueger

​​“Sara's poems are less like reading and more like being handed a stack of photographs of people you'd almost forgotten. The images are beautiful, heartbreaking and crystal clear, the edges yellowed with nostalgia. Magic."

                               ~ Amanda Gowin, author of Radium Girls

​​"...while the world might seem alien, it isn’t; there’s much to recognize here, perhaps most poignant, the beauty in the ugliness, the optimism in the apocalypse, the spark of hope within us all in the next generation..."

                              ~ Katherine Hoerth, author of  Goddess Wears

                                 Cowboy Boots

​"Sara Krueger is a story teller...Somehow We Remain in the Aftermath is an enchanting and vibrant new collection..."

​                             ~ Leah Maines, Publisher, Finishing Line Press


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